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States Of India

States And Union Territories

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States And Capitals:

India, The seventh largest country of the world with an area of 3,287 million km2 and the population of approximately 133.92 crores (2017) is actually very large. India is country of diversity; the people here are from different culture, caste and background but they make a beautiful combination with each other, they make a beautiful combination of their personalities when they come together, and hence this very beautiful country India is the association or union of 29 states and also 7 union territories. It is a Democratic Republic. The President of India is the constitutional head of the Executive of the Union. Each state has appointed a Governor which acts as a representative of the President. The State Government closely resembles that of the Union. Union Territories are also administered by the President by appointing a managing officer.

 Each state is unique in itself  whether it is the natural beauty,  culture and heritage, attire, rituals, art, regional languages, history, climate, etc. all states differs from another but makes one incredibly unique nation. So, let’s know about these States and Union Territories along with their respective capitals and even explore them more to realize how incredible are they….

Let’s get started………

States along with their Capitals:

ANDHRA PRADESH  (Hyderabad)                ARUNACHAL PRADESH    (Itanagar)
ASSAM   (Dispur)                                           BIHAR   (Patna)
CHHATTISGARH   (Raipur)                           GOA   (Panaji)
GUJARAT   (Gandhinagar)                            HARYANA    (Chandigarh)
HIMACHAL PRADESH   (Shimla)                 JAMMU & KASHMIR    (Srinagar/Jammu)
JHARKHAND  (Ranchi)                                 KARNATAKA   (Bangalore)
KERELA  (Thiruvananthapuram)                   MADHYA PRADESH   (Bhopal)
MAHARASHTRA   (Mumbai)                         MANIPUR   (Imphal)
MEGHALAYA   (Shillong)                              MIZORAM    (Aizawl)
NAGALAND    (Kohima)                                ODISHA     (Bhubaneshwar)
PUNJAB   (Chandigarh)                                RAJASTHAN   (Jaipur)
SIKKIM   (Gangtok)                                       TAMILNADU    (Chennai)
TELANGANA      (Hyderabad)                      TRIPURA     (Agartala)
UTTARAKHAND    (Dehradun)                     UTTARPRADESH    (Lucknow)
WEST BENGAL    (Kolkata)

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